1. Guaranty time: 12 months (calculating from the date the machine leave the port of loading) or 1500 working hours, whichever comes first.

2. Provide maintenance instruction, parts list, packing list, accessories and tools free of charge when send the machine to you.

3. Provide the parts free of charge in the guaranty time if the parts cannot work well.

4. Excess the guaranty; you can easily to buy from us with cost price anytime.

空滤 air filter HYL-120
滤芯 filter 420*80
Cummins6BTA5.9 Engine
联轴节 Coupling hub 5615201/5615201/5615147
储气筒 Gas tank
关节轴承 (铰接架)
joint axletree 90
高压油滤 High filter
油封 Oil seal 60*80*10
Sauer Walking Motor
减振器 shock absorber 3200
方向盘 steering wheel
Water Filter
振动泵 vibration pump
传动轴 transmission shaft BF114034000
压紧环 Tension ring D59010012

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