QINGONG Crane Branch introduced the most advanced technology from Europe and Japan and developed its unique crane series. Our main products areas are Qingong Truck Mounted Crane, Truck Crane and Crawler Crane.

Truck Crane : QY16Q, QY20Q, QY25Q, QY35Q, QY50Q, QLY4Z, QLY5Z, QLY6K, QLY8K, and QLY10K Etc.
Truck Mounted Crane : SQ3.2SK1Q / SQ3.2SK2Q, SQ2SK1Q/SQ2SK2Q, SQ5SK2Q/SQ5SK3Q, SQ1ZK2Q/1Q, SQ4SK2Q/3Q, SQ4ZK3Q, SQ5ZK2Q/3Q, SQ6.3SK2Q/3Q, SQ8ZK3Q, SQ10SK3Q, SQ10ZK3Q宕�. ......

1. Guaranty time: 12 months (calculating from the date the machine leave the port of loading) or 1500 working hours, whichever comes first.
2. Provide maintenance instruction, parts list, packing list, accessories and tools free of charge when......

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